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Q1: What beneficial for cooling die-casting or extrusion and why?
A1: Extrusion is most beneficial than dye casting. Dye casting is used only in 25 - 30 % of Aluminum alloy and the rest carbons and other alloys. In dye cast always it happens for air gap area.

In extrusion use 70 % - 80% 0f aluminum alloy and 20 % carbon and other alloys. Aluminum is extruded always in semi-solid form which is made of above mentioned specified material and it is stretched and pressurized by a heavy hydrolic pressing system and after all the same is provided for edging.

Dye casting has 30% - 40% less transparency of heat than extrusion due to excessive quantity of carbon in the material. In the same way extruded aluminum heat sink has 30-40% more transparency due to purity of excessive existence of pure aluminum alloy.

Q4: What difference does the color of the heatsink make?
A4: In natural convection a black or dark colored heatsink will perform 3% to 8% better than an aluminum heatsink in its natural silverish color. This is due to the fact that dark colors radiate heat more efficiently. In forced air applications the color does not add any performance due to the increase in convection.

Q5: What surface treatment should be applied to heatsinks?
A5: Many heatsinks are black or color anodized. This is because of two reasons. 1.) It allows for the dark color to enhance the radiation effects and 2.) It protects the aluminum in harsh environments. Salt exposure is a good example. It is unnecessary in most electronic applications other than natural convection.

Gold or yellow chromate is also used to provide surface protection. It adds little or no radiation benefits.

Unfinished aluminum is typically used in most consumer applications where thermal radiation and harsh environments are not factors

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